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Generic News Graphics kit (XPression)

$11,999.00 USD

This package has everything needed to take your news program to the next level. Fully-customizable lower-third templates programmed with intelligent transition logic to help create a clean production with little prep-time needed for each broadcast. 

Operators can utilize published outputs for text and image fields to update each template for air. Contains full-screen 3D animated bumpers with customizable text. Full-screen animated info pages with seamless loop-point after reveal.

Other unique features include a station logo bug with real-time clock widget as well as intelligent breaking news animation that reacts differently depending on if lower-third elements are already on-air. 

    Templates Includes:

    Full Screens:

    • Breaking News
    • Bumper-One Line
    • Bumper-TwoLine
    • 2 Box- with live input source
    • 2 Box-static source
    • Full Screen image frame
    • Funeral frame
    • Phoner info
    • Phoner info with image
    • Mugshot 
    • Sports info
    • Sports - Teams 2
    • Sports - Teams 4
    • Sports - Teams 5
    • Full Screen Background Blank


    • Low Third -Two Line
    • Low Third - Meteorologist
    • Low Third - Twitter
    • Low Third - Facebook
    • Low Third - Faceook+Twitter
    • Breaking news only
    • Breaking news flag on Low Third

    Over the Shoulder:

    • OTS - Left
    • OTS - Right


    • Live bug
    • Upper 3rd Locator
    • Low Station bug 
    • Low Station bug with clock

    Delivery includes:

    • Xpression project

      This product is delivered by download, and does not require physical shipping.

      Product Code: CTS-CS-XPN-NEWS1

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